Week One


Hi. I’m Jessica Tillman, a 29-year-old who’s getting back into the groove of being a college student. They say the longer you wait to go back to school, the more difficult it is to return. Boy is that true! But graduation is in my sight and I am determined to make it through this time. What is also awesome is that I am able to pursue my passion of being a journalist while at South Alabama. I am a part of The Vanguard and Due South. My courses help to shape me into being a better writer, which is my primary focus.

Purpose of a Blog:

A blog is like a personal journal that the whole world can see. It is your thoughts, your words, your ideas. Blogs can be used for an infinite number of things. Advice, tutorials, recipes, the list continues. I personally use blogs when it comes to recipe ideas. I consider myself to be somewhat of a foodie. Recipe blogs not only list the recipe, they share a story of how that person has come up with the idea. From these blogs I have found some delicious meals and even how to make my own cold brew coffee so I don’t have to drive to McDonald’s every day.

Blogging and Journalism:

The purpose of my blog is to relate what I have learned from my classes to my life experiences.To me, that is the best way to truly learn and understand. It also is important to keep in mind the “kind of experience…you want your website visitor to have.” (McManus, 30.) I want to share the knowledge I gain  from my Comm and English classes and apply them to potential stories for any clients who may be looking for freelance writers. I also welcome any comments from others like me and create a discussion and also share what they have learned.


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