Week Two

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts:

This week my CA 260 class learned the Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging and how to best apply what we have learned to our class as well as our own chosen career field.

The first thing I learned? How little I actually knew about blogging!! I’ve cruised around, looked at other blogs, and though”Psh! This is easy!” Allow me to tell you just how wrong I was.

As a journalist I am use to a different style of writing. More formal, if you will. I write facts and try to be as objective as I possibly can. I certainly never write from my POV or use the word You.

In blogging, however, you (there’s that word again!) get to let your hair down so to speak and be more relatable, which coincidentally, is one of the things that blogger Brian A. Klems teaches you in his blog The 12 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging. These Do’s and Don’ts provide excellent guidework to shape your blog.

Blogging Do’s

Be relatable, be yourself: Klems says to “Let your readers to get to know you.” How do you do that? By typing as if you are having a conversation with your reader. Let your blog be a window onto your everyday life.

Find your focus. Now this one is a little more difficult for me. It is why I was so hesitant to start a blog in the first place. I don’t feel as though my life is interesting enough to share daily. I guess the biggest take-a-way from this advice is to find something you’re passionate able and write about it.

Blogging Don’ts

Set unrealistic goals: Don’t say something like “I’m going to post in my blog every single night.” Who’s got time for that?? Life gets in the way sometimes. People lead very busy lives. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and type when you have other important things taking precedence.

•Be negative: Fact-Negative people are a bummer. They remind me of Eeyore. People do not want to read about how crappy your day was, that is unless you can do so in an amusing way. It’s best to be upbeat and enthusiastic if you want to gain, and keep, readership. eeyore-1

How to apply IRL

Blogging is an excellent form of expression. It allows you to truly be heard. With my Comm classes, I can apply what all I’ve learned to better express myself to my classmates. Going forward I’ll be more aware of what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. As far as my chosen career field goes, I’m not sure how helpful a blog would actually be. It isn’t exactly the right tone of voice that I want to use in journalism. I need to come across as a bit more professional than that.



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