Week Seven

Getting organized by filtering your email

I am a part of two wonderful organizations called Emerge and Coast Young Professionals. These organizations allow for you to meet new people and network. It is how I was able to snag a job with the Sun Herald. The only downside is all the pesky newsletters that seem to flood my inbox. Filtering my inbox has helped greatly to separate the not so important newsletters from more imperative emails.


7 Gmail Filters to Make Email Less of a Chore is a wonder site! I used tip #5: Spot Mailing Lists and Newsletters. A really effective way to  assign emails that can be unsubscribed from is by typing in  label:^unsub into the search box. By doing so, Google hides them away under the filter you have created (mine is Newsletters) until you are ready to read them.

A Professional Email To My Instructure Example

Dr. Hossain,

Hi, my name is Jessica Tillman and I am a student in your  Tuesday CA 260 class, 12:30-1:45. I will not be able to attend class today due to a doctor’s appointment. I will make sure to get with a fellow student on what will be covered in class. Thank you and have a good day.

Jessica Tillman






Week Two

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts:

This week my CA 260 class learned the Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging and how to best apply what we have learned to our class as well as our own chosen career field.

The first thing I learned? How little I actually knew about blogging!! I’ve cruised around, looked at other blogs, and though”Psh! This is easy!” Allow me to tell you just how wrong I was.

As a journalist I am use to a different style of writing. More formal, if you will. I write facts and try to be as objective as I possibly can. I certainly never write from my POV or use the word You.

In blogging, however, you (there’s that word again!) get to let your hair down so to speak and be more relatable, which coincidentally, is one of the things that blogger Brian A. Klems teaches you in his blog The 12 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging. These Do’s and Don’ts provide excellent guidework to shape your blog.

Blogging Do’s

Be relatable, be yourself: Klems says to “Let your readers to get to know you.” How do you do that? By typing as if you are having a conversation with your reader. Let your blog be a window onto your everyday life.

Find your focus. Now this one is a little more difficult for me. It is why I was so hesitant to start a blog in the first place. I don’t feel as though my life is interesting enough to share daily. I guess the biggest take-a-way from this advice is to find something you’re passionate able and write about it.

Blogging Don’ts

Set unrealistic goals: Don’t say something like “I’m going to post in my blog every single night.” Who’s got time for that?? Life gets in the way sometimes. People lead very busy lives. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and type when you have other important things taking precedence.

•Be negative: Fact-Negative people are a bummer. They remind me of Eeyore. People do not want to read about how crappy your day was, that is unless you can do so in an amusing way. It’s best to be upbeat and enthusiastic if you want to gain, and keep, readership. eeyore-1

How to apply IRL

Blogging is an excellent form of expression. It allows you to truly be heard. With my Comm classes, I can apply what all I’ve learned to better express myself to my classmates. Going forward I’ll be more aware of what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. As far as my chosen career field goes, I’m not sure how helpful a blog would actually be. It isn’t exactly the right tone of voice that I want to use in journalism. I need to come across as a bit more professional than that.


Week One


Hi. I’m Jessica Tillman, a 29-year-old who’s getting back into the groove of being a college student. They say the longer you wait to go back to school, the more difficult it is to return. Boy is that true! But graduation is in my sight and I am determined to make it through this time. What is also awesome is that I am able to pursue my passion of being a journalist while at South Alabama. I am a part of The Vanguard and Due South. My courses help to shape me into being a better writer, which is my primary focus.

Purpose of a Blog:

A blog is like a personal journal that the whole world can see. It is your thoughts, your words, your ideas. Blogs can be used for an infinite number of things. Advice, tutorials, recipes, the list continues. I personally use blogs when it comes to recipe ideas. I consider myself to be somewhat of a foodie. Recipe blogs not only list the recipe, they share a story of how that person has come up with the idea. From these blogs I have found some delicious meals and even how to make my own cold brew coffee so I don’t have to drive to McDonald’s every day.

Blogging and Journalism:

The purpose of my blog is to relate what I have learned from my classes to my life experiences.To me, that is the best way to truly learn and understand. It also is important to keep in mind the “kind of experience…you want your website visitor to have.” (McManus, 30.) I want to share the knowledge I gain  from my Comm and English classes and apply them to potential stories for any clients who may be looking for freelance writers. I also welcome any comments from others like me and create a discussion and also share what they have learned.

Week Three

This is the post excerpt.

 Working with Weebly

This week we’re learning in my CA 260 class how to make a website. As if making a blog wasn’t complicated enough for me to learn! But it’s cool because Weebly is actually pretty simple! I’m going to break it down for you just what a cinch it is.

First thing’s first-Go to the website: https://www.weebly.com/. Once you do that creativity is at your doorstep. To get started you need to have an email account set up and create a password. If it’s easier, you can just log in with Facebook.


Once you’ve thought of a good password (and NO 12345 won’t do!!) the fun part begins.

Theme, a.k.a, picking a pretty picture-Now you get to sit and scroll through TONS of images until you find one that speaks to you. My website is going to pertain to music so I chose this image:

Concert3 Don’t worry though. If you aren’t happy with the image you select then you can change it after you choose a name.

What’s your name? Domain name that is?-This is the part that seemed to take FOREVER for me. Choosing a darn domain name. What’s great is that the domain name is free if you choose a subdomain of weebly.com. What’s a pain in the @$$ is actually trying to come up with a domain name that is not already taken. frustrated Once that headache’s out of the way then it’s all drag and drop baby!

All in all this has got to be the easiest website creating site ever. I remember taking a website design course back in 2004-05 and having to write all of my own code. It was a nightmare! I was silently dreading taking this course because I did not think website design had changed this drastically. While it still comes with some more steps and complexities than just drag & drop, it’s still a breeze to navigate. In case you didn’t care for the picture you chose previously you can change that as well as font color, size, etc etc.

For me the site is still a work in progress but I’m happy for the most part. I hope my site is one that people can come to when they want to get all the latest information on local bands instead of having to go to dozens of different sites.